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GREO - Optical Engineering Research Group

The group's goal is to carry out R&D activities and provide innovative solutions in the field of optical engineering. The main research lines are: - The design of optical systems and sensors - The development of instrumentation - Optical metrology - Laser applications - Color technology - Radiometry and photometry - Biomedical instrumentation.

The Group carries out its activities exclusively at the Centre for Sensor, Instrument and Systems Development (CD6), which is a specific research centre at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) that is at the service of businesses to develop technological innovation projects in the field of optical engineering

The CD6 consists of a team of about thirty people among researchers, qualified specialists and scholars, who contribute significantly to applied research and technology transfer. The team, which has a great capacity for interdisciplinary work, is made up of specialists in optics, electronics, computer science and mechanics.

The CD6 has mechanical and electronic workshops and specialized laboratories.

The work carried out at the CD6 has produced a great deal of publications in prestigious international journals, some patents and the creation of several spin-off companies.

For further information, visit the CD6 website